Cheers to the Years!

From Margarita march to oktoberfest, we do it all

Were you ever in a fraternity or a sorority? Then you know that social chair has the most important responsibility of making an event happen and making sure that it’s the kind of event you wish you had not missed.

But forget about those college parties where you got beer spilled on and your designated driver left you in the middle of the night. We bring a different level of fun and excitement while you still get to live those youthful days.

The vast array of Social Cheers’ events include: Onesie Crawl, V-Day Crawl, Leprecrawl, Margarita March, Margarita March: Summer, Mojito March, Oktoberfest, Halloween Crawl, Beerathon, Ugly Sweater Crawl.

All of these events have two things in common: amazing drink specials and guaranteed cheeriness that will last long after the event is over. So join our subscription now and never miss any of our events!

You must be 21+ to attend our events.  Please Enjoy Responsibly.